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Betting on the Go with Fafabet and DAZN

When searching for a sportsbook, it’s always tempting to go with the same old brands. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with that approach, necessarily. But choosing a newer bookie instead can also have its benefits, often including increased more modern interfaces and superior mobile-friendliness, since – obviously – these platforms are newer. In this article, we’ll look at two of the bigger new brands on the market – Fafabet and DAZN, specifically focusing on their mobile apps. Read on to learn about their markets, features, interfaces, and more. 

The Basics

Fafabet and DAZN opened within a year of each other, in 2021 and 2022 respectively. DAZN, however, was of course launched from a pre-existing brand, with DAZN having been major players in the sports streaming industry for years now. 

Both brands offer downloadable mobile apps, available on iOS and Android straight from the App Store and Google Play respectively. In both cases, you’ll be able to bet on at least a couple of dozen sports, most notably including football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, and so on. The only notable omission is greyhound racing on DAZN – aside from that, you can wager on basically any major sporting event from your mobile device. 

Other similarities the apps share include fair odds, live chat support, and – unfortunately – somewhat limited payment options.

Special Features

One of the key features for many punters is streaming. This dovetails perfectly with the live betting tools which most modern-day betting apps also offer. Both apps have their issues here, however. 

DAZN doesn’t offer live streaming, as noted in this detailed DAZN Bet review. We’re sure there are good, licensing-based reasons for it. But a streaming company not offering streaming on its own betting app naturally feels bizarre. Fafabet gains the upper hand here, since it does have live streaming, although it’s limited to horse racing. 

As any good Fafabet review should tell you, however, the glaring weakness here is the lack of a cash out tool. Both of these apps will let you place in-play wagers, but only DAZN will let you cash them out at an opportune moment. 

With that said, both apps also share plenty of strengths. Each has a bet builder tool, which helps you craft same-game multiples. Each has special offers you can use, including odds boosts, plus stats to help inform your betting, and the ability to log in quickly using FaceID or TouchID on your device. 

User Experience

It’s not just important that a betting app ticks lots of boxes, of course. How it actually feels to use is also critical. We’re pleased to say that, in both cases here, you should have no complaints whatsoever. 

These are two of the more user-friendly mobile apps on the market right now. Each has nicely adapted its desktop site for smaller screen sizes, largely through the use of both scrolling and collapsible menus. Visually the apps also impress, not only looking sleek and modern, but also allowing you to read text and numbers easily too, even on your phone. 

As for the actual performance of the apps, we had no complaints at all during our testing. We experienced no crashing or significant lag, with pages loading smoothly and reliably. There are complaints over performance in the DAZN App Store reviews, regarding both crashes and slowdown, but – again – this wasn’t our experience. 

Overall, these apps have both interfaces and performance levels which achieve what they should – staying out of the way, and letting you get on with the business at hand, whichever of our 7 winning strategies for successful online betting you’re using. In short, they let you bet quickly and reliably, while taking advantage of the inherent convenience of betting apps. 


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