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BCLS Certification: How to Obtain or Renew Your Certification Remotely

BCLS Certification: Do you want to help save lives? Do you want to learn how to help someone who has a cardiac emergency? Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification can change your life.

Thousands of people suffer cardiac arrest each year. While not all survive, starting CPR can help improve their odds. The American Heart Association provides BCLS classes to help people learn how to save the lives of others.

If you want to become an instructor, you need to recertify every two years. Or, you can get a BCLS certification by taking the course. Keep reading to find out how to do either!

Online Accredited Providers

Getting your BCLS certification online is easy and convenient. Moreover, you can learn at your own pace, and there’s no need to travel anywhere.

It works like this: you sign up with an accredited provider and they give you access to the BCLS course. The course includes videos, quizzes, and lots of information that are easy to understand.

If you go with a reputable online provider for BCLS certification like MyCPR NOW, you can be sure that your certification will be accepted wherever you go. MyCPR NOW’s CPR Certification is accepted by all employers and organizations in the United States.

Virtual Skills Assessment (BCLS Certification)

After you’ve soaked up all the knowledge from the BCLS course, it’s time for a virtual check. Don’t worry, it’s not scary! This is a chance to show what you’ve learned.

You’ll complete a virtual skills test with an instructor watching online. They’ll give you feedback, and if you do well, you’re all set! If you stumble, that’s okay too. The instructor helps you figure out what went wrong, and then you try again.

Your success is our goal. That’s the beauty of learning cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) online. You get plenty of chances to practice and improve. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Completion of Online Certification Exam

The final step in earning your BCLS certification is the online exam. This is a multiple-choice test based on what you learned during the course.

Don’t worry, though – it’s not meant to trick you! The questions are straightforward and directly related to the skills you’ve practiced. You’ll find questions about how to perform CPR, how to use an AED, and what to do in different types of cardiac emergencies.

Once you pass this exam, congratulations! You’ll be officially BCLS certified. And remember, every time you answer a question correctly, you’re proving you know to possibly save a life one day!

Digital Certification Issuance

Great job! You’ve done all the hard work and now it’s payoff time. As soon as you pass your online exam, you’ll receive your BCLS certification digitally. It will be sent to your email, so make sure you check!

Furthermore, this digital certificate is proof that you know what to do in a cardiac emergency. You can print it out, save it to your phone, or even share it online.

Remember, you need to renew this certificate every two years. But don’t worry, renewing it is just as easy and convenient as getting it. You’re now ready to make a difference and save lives with your knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

Act Now and Stay Prepared With Your BCLS Certification

Getting your BCLS certification has never been easier. Learn, practice, and test your skills online, all at your own pace.

With your digital BCLS certification, you’re ready to step in and save lives during cardiac emergencies. Start your journey today and become a real-life hero!

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