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6 Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

Exercise Programs: While you may be tempted to turn up the heating and stay indoors during winter, studies show that you can reap extra benefits by remaining active in these months. The big challenge may be choosing which activities to do when surfaces are slippery and there are fewer daylight hours. But provided you listen to the weather reports and dress up warmly, you will feel better about doing some activity every day. The usual recommendation is 150 minutes of exercise a week, which fits neatly into five half-hour sessions a day. Here are some great tips for winter activities.

Enjoy Nature

Taking a brisk walk in a safe park will keep you warm and lift your spirits as you commune with nature. This activity can be enjoyed alone or with a friend. Stick to the paths and you should be fine. Elderly people who are prone to falls should not go walking on their own. A short stroll in the garden with a companion and using a walker are recommended but extra care should be taken with dressing up for warmth.

Keep Your Form

If you enjoy playing sports, there is no reason why you should take a break in the winter. There may not be any baseball games happening in the colder months. But you can still keep in form for the coming competition at your club. Try indoor pitching mounds for practice.

Online Exercise Programs

There are tons of online exercise programs that you can follow for a good workout. If the weather is inclement. You can still get your daily dose of exercise. There is no need to get bored as you can try something different every day, such as yoga, T’ai Chi, and exercises for seniors. There are even workouts for seniors and people with limited mobility that are done from a chair. Exercise is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

One of the best ways to stick to exercise programs is to get a group of two or three people together who are all committed to sticking it out. This makes it harder to decide to skip a session.

Gym and Exercise Programs

If you are already enrolled at a local gym, cold weather is no excuse for missing a workout — unless the meteorological conditions make it impossible to get there. But you can substitute it with a video workout until the weather improves.


It may seem that we are trying our best to persuade you to keep active in the winter months. But as anyone who exercises regularly knows, mood and body both feel energized afterward. Regular gym-goers are generally very motivated.

If you are a rather sedentary person, you may well need some more persuasion. But, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Articles and studies abound on the negative effects of leading an inactive life. However, until you have a health scare and end up in high care after a cardiovascular event. You may not take such warnings seriously.

One of the factors that may put you off exercise is that you are carrying excess weight or are so unfit that you don’t think you can manage exercise programs. Try out this endearing exercise video for plus size beginners made by a lady who filled the niche for this type of program. It will inspire you.

As with all exercise programs, if you are just starting out, get advice from a medical practitioner on what level of exercise is safe for you.


Dancing is a fun way to get warm and exercise at the same time. Put on your favorite beat and get moving. This is enjoyable for the whole family.

Keep fit, warm, and healthy this winter.


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