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5 Strategies for keeping cool under poker-pressure!

Staying calm under pressure can benefit you in a lot of different circumstances. Let’s say you get into an argument with your partner about whose turn it is to do the dishes; staying cool and calm can avoid it becoming a storm-out event. Say you worked hard for weeks on a college paper, but your professor still only gave you a D; do you think freaking out at him will help? Of course not! If you’re playing a poker game with your friends on a Friday night and the stakes are getting higher, losing your cool is not the right thing to do. Keeping cool under pressure is the only way to go as you play your way to success.

Mastering one’s emotions can be tricky, especially if you are passionate about the issue or activity at hand. If you like to play poker, which requires a certain amount of skill, not just dumb luck. You need to keep a cool head on your shoulders and a poker face on at all times if you’re to have a hope of getting closer to that prize pot. We’ve got a list of five ways for you to maintain your calm while you’re playing poker; read on for the juicy details.


Be Healthy

If you know you’ve got a big poker game coming up, don’t stay out partying till 4 in the morning the night before! Choose healthy habits instead. Spend a calm evening at home and have a complete, well-rounded meal instead of junk food snacks. Drinking the right amount of water is also essential for your body to be healthy; make sure that you consume enough water before your game so that you don’t feel dehydrated and irritable while you’re playing. When you sit down at the table, you should be well-fed and nourished and have had a good night’s sleep so that you’re alert and conscious of everything going on.


Take a Break and Stay Cool

If the energy in the room is getting too intense. If you need to go to the bathroom, or if you need to get a snack or a drink, TAKE A BREAK. When you’re playing poker. You can only take a break if the game has been going on for a while and if all the players agree. But if you’re feeling stressed out and like you might not be thinking straight. It may be a good idea to suggest it! Cuddle a dog, take a few deep breaths of the fresh air outside, or whatever will make you feel refreshed.


Concentrate on Your Breathing

If you feel your body tensing up and the stress beginning to build, why not practice some breathwork? You can control your breathing wherever you are so it won’t disrupt the rest of the table or break their concentration. Controlling how fast you breathe in and out can help to slow everything down for you. Breathe in through your nose for six counts, hold the breath for three counts, and breathe out through your mouth for six counts. Though you don’t want to lose focus when it’s your turn to play, doing this while other players play might bring you back to a calm space.


Go In With A Good Attitude (Staying cool)

While it’s great to win at poker, and if we’re honest. We’d all much rather win than lose, remember that poker is just a game! If you go into the game with that in mind and keep the prospect of winning right-sized in your head. Then you’ll remain calm and have a good time. 


Work Off Nervous Energy Beforehand

Exercise is an excellent way to keep your body healthy. Which in turn keeps you cool, calm, and collected when it matters most. Try going for a run or doing some yoga a few hours before your poker game is due to start. You’ll work all the nervous energy out of your body before you sit down to play and be able to focus entirely on the task at hand rather than having your mind go off in a hundred different directions.


Wrap Up

Poker is so much fun, and it’s even more fun if you enjoy every part of the game instead of only enjoying yourself if you win. If you remember these five helpful hints to keep yourself cool, calm, and collected under poker pressure. You’ll have a great game no matter what.


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