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Want An Xmas Present For Your Elderly Dog? Top Gifts To Consider

Whether you have had them since they were a puppy or you have recently adopted them, having an older dog in your home is nothing short of an amazing experience. They don’t need training in the same ways puppies do. They will not keep you up at night crying or wanting to play. While this is great for a companion. The physical ramifications of having an elderly dog can be very hard for a lot of pet owners.

They may be stiff, and slow to get up. Or can even be a little bit grumpy as their joints begin to become stiffer and a bit sore. Meaning they will be slower on dog walks and in the home.

So, with Christmas coming up, it can be interesting to consider what to get for your elderly dog to help them enjoy their life as a senior pup while also ensuring they still have enrichment. Here are some top Christmas gifts that you can buy for your elderly pooch. Which will help both of you feel closer to one another.


A New Bed for Elderly Dog

The majority of elderly dogs will have some kind of joint pain. Whether it is simply due to osteoarthritis or even conditions that become more prevalent with age. Such as hip dysplasia.

A new bed is a great way to ensure that your dog has a restful night if they have any kind of joint-based disorder. Memory foam beds can help, but even a huge bean bag chair can be a comfortable place for your pop to rest, as this will support their joints and spread their weight, helping them to sleep in complete comfort.


A Harness

Going back to the incidents of osteoarthritis in older dogs, it can be worth switching out the lead attached to their collar for a harness. This will prevent their neck from being pulled back if they accidentally pull on the lead. Which can cause discomfort in their spine. A harness will aim to support their back and will be better at stopping them from pulling without needing to apply excessive force. Which can be damaging to an older and gentle dog. Just make sure the harness fits. As some dogs can slip away out of the ones that are seemingly molded to their body!


Softer Toys

Many older dogs suffer from periodontal issues such as gum disease and even tooth decay, meaning that they may need to have their teeth extracted. Of course, if you’ve ever had an older dog, you will know that they still want to play with toys. So it can be worth investing in softer ones over their traditional rubber balls. This will allow them, especially if they are a terrier, to rag and destroy the toys without hurting their mouth or any teeth that they have left.


Ramps for Elderly Dog

It can be nothing short of heart-breaking for many pet owners to see their dog that was once able to jump up onto sofas or beds, struggling to make the same movement due to discomfort in their back joints.

Much like ramps that are used in cars to help dogs get in and out, you can even buy ramps for the home, so your dog can gently move from the floor up onto their beloved couch or even your bed. These ramps do not look like stairs, as using a staircase can be uncomfortable for your dog. But they are ramps that may be covered with fabric to help with grip. Just make sure that they are the right height for the furniture that they are aiming to get onto.


Heat Blanket

Anyone who has arthritis or soreness in their joints will tell you that this tends to get worse in the winter months because. Frankly, it’s cold, and the body responds differently to the cold than it does to the heat. Your elderly pop cannot tell you that their arthritis or hip dysplasia is worsening in the colder days. So it can be a consideration for a gift to give them a heated blanket.

Some pet owners prefer to simply heat clear blankets up in the microwave before giving them to their dog, but others do. When the dog has more excessive arthritis, will invest in a heated blanket that is plugged in. Just be sure that your dog has an area that they can go to on the bed if they become overheated, as the last thing you want is your dog being on the floor on colder nights due to feeling too warm.

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