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Best Sport-Themed Games for Sports Aficionados

Sport-Themed Games: There are a dozen online gambling options for different types of players, regardless of their interests and preferences. Such a personalized gambling experience makes more and more people play at online casinos. And this is where residents of Poland stand out. With gambling revenue having reached almost €5bn in 2020, it is currently the most actively developing Eastern European market. If you are just starting your gaming journey and are looking for some top sport-themed casino entertainment, then we have a lot to offer.

There are many websites offering sport-themed slot games, with Nitro kasyno being one of them. But which are the most fun and interesting? To find out, we’ve analyzed the options and picked the best ones for you.


#1 – NHL Hockey Fever (Games)

Hockey Fever is part of the series of casino games by Playtech and has been a big hit with players. It includes three bonus games that make the gameplay experience more fun:

  • Hockey Fever Showcase, where players try to complete the puzzle and reveal a bonus prize;
  • The Pro Mode Game, where you control the puck to try and score a jackpot combo;
  • A Shoot-Out game, where you score bonus points by shooting into the net.

Apart from that, there are wild symbols in this game. You can get up to 100 free spins with four Hockey Fight symbols anywhere on the reels.


#2 – NBA GameDay

The game features a basketball theme, which is represented by the game graphics. Another cool thing about this slot machine is its animation, with the players making passes and shooting baskets. Just like in the previous game, there are different bonus features in the NBA GameDay slot. One of them is the availability of bonus sessions. Thus, you can take part in any of the five regular slot games. Besides that, a number of different bonuses can be triggered by landing five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. One of the best bonuses is the “NBA GameDay Feature”, where five stars appear. You can win prizes such as 500,000 coins.

You can also win free bonus spins during the basketball season by landing a specific symbol and the NBA logo. In this case, you’ll get 10 free spins for any symbol on the reels. The other bonuses include the bonus ball, which gets bigger with each landing. It also becomes a wild symbol. In total, you can get up to 1000 free spins in this game.


#3 – Pro Bowl Games

This is the first Play n’ Go game where you can play up to eight bonus rounds. There are five of them in total. The feature round lets you choose any two cards, and this determines what you’ll get in return. The second game is the classic slot game with features such as a wild symbol and the game’s jackpot.

If you land four or five football players during the game, they’ll be replaced with Super Bowl rings. If you land six football players on the reels, you’ll be able to win up to 10,000 coins, which is just perfect.


Make the Right Choice and Gamble Responsibly

With such a diversity of gambling options, you will hardly get bored. Instead, you can enjoy your time at a chosen online casino to the fullest. However, to stay on the safe side of gambling, the gambling expert Aleksandra Maj at KasynoHEX recommends always playing responsibly. Know your limit, decide on your gambling budget, and do not gamble all day-night hours.

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