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How Does Adult Entertainment Vary From One Country to the Next?

Adult Entertainment: If there’s one thing that could seemingly unite all the world’s countries, it’s sex. After all, everyone loves having sex, and the internet has made adult content more accessible than ever before in human history. 


However, while the generic act of sex and porn are somewhat universal, some noteworthy trends tend to pop up based on one’s location. For example, JAV VR porn is different than content produced in Great Britain, which might be unique from what you’d find in the US. 


So, while some people may choose to learn about people and their cultures through food, music, or celebrations, we’re going to look at porn habits. You can learn a lot about a person or a country based on what they like to wank off to, so let’s get our passports and tissues ready and go for a ride. 


Adult entertainment Content and Nationalism


First, it’s crucial to point out our data source on porn-watching statistics and content. PornHub is one of the largest adult websites in the world, so if anyone can help us get a clearer picture of these trends, it’s this site. Pornhub has been tracking this information since 2014, so it’s interesting to see how things have shifted over the last eight years. 


One notable aspect of adult entertainment that transcends borders is, ironically, a trend that reinforces them. People mostly want to watch sexy pornstars from their own country or culture. 


For example, the top search terms in Japan all have Japanese in the title. In the Middle East, Arab and Egyptian are both pretty popular. Oddly enough, the top two porn-watching countries, the US and UK, don’t adhere to this rule. The reason is likely because most content is geared toward them anyway. So users don’t necessarily have to search for something special to get what they want. 


Sexuality and Repression


Here’s a psychological and philosophical question for you. Does suppressing adult content make people less inclined or more inclined to seek it out? For example, if porn is banned in a specific country, does that make people more likely to search for it or less? 


If PornHub is to be believed, repression breeds specific search habits. Let’s look at a couple of notable examples. 


  • The southern States and Gay Porn – Although gay marriage was codified into federal law in 2015, the process is still taboo in many southern states. Interestingly, even after nationwide legalization, gay porn has consistently been a top search term in these states. 
  • Porn in Anti-Porn Countries – Nations like Egypt have banned online pornography based on fierce religious beliefs. However, these countries also see some of the highest user numbers as citizens decide to risk it all to see a little action. With so many people watching porn under the radar. We wonder if the numbers would remain constant or increase if governments reversed their bans. 


Changing Tastes


If you looked at the top search terms in the United States in 2016, they’re words like lesbian and MILF. Lesbian porn has consistently ranked at the top of US searches for many years. 


However, in 2021, the top terms were hentai and Japanese, showing a substantial increase over the years past. This shift may be due to VR websites like SexLikeReal providing high-quality JAV content. Or, maybe more people are discovering the unique sexual situations that hentai and Japanese porn can provide. For example, most western porn focuses on generically hot people banging. However, Japanese scenes are far more creative and address specific kinks like public sex and humiliation. 


Other Asian countries are also getting in on the action. As the term Pinay (a Filipina woman) and Asian have risen several spots over the last year. Oddly enough, the word Korean fell 12 spots, so the trend is not universal. 


Overall, looking at how adult entertainment tastes change between countries and borders can help give a glimpse into human nature. As the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

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