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7 Things to Add in Your RV to Ensure Your Pets Comfort

Pets Comfort: We all have a newfound appreciation for traveling, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and the following lockdown. And, there’s nothing more exciting than hitting the roads while being in an RV. For a long time, road trips and solo travel grabbed the attention of globetrotters. But, for a few years now, traveling in RVs has become quite the buzz among people.

RVs allow travelers to carry their holiday home on wheels and unpack everything quickly. Moreover, RVing for many people means a stellar opportunity to bring along a pet throughout the journey.

Would you ditch your regular travel if you get a bedroom with scenic views, a fully-furnished kitchen, a decked-up bathroom, a living area, and a wheel dining space? Of course, anyone would. The pet parents bring along their furry friend on the RV and keep navigating through miles and miles of roads.

But, with the thrilling part comes a concern about taking enough care of your pet on the RV. Dogs might love traveling as much as we do. However, several conditions encountered during travel might be harsh on them. So to make your pet’s RV journey comfortable, we have created a checklist of seven things you might want to add to your RV.

Don’t forget any before you leave for your next RV trip.


1. Organic Treats

There is no doubt that your pet needs food from time to time. That’s why packing treats for your pet is the first thing we have mentioned on the list. It might be possible that your dog acts anxious while RVing (perhaps because traveling is not a regular endeavor.) Your dog panting, drooling, or barking more than usual could be a few signs of knowing they are anxious.

To avoid this situation on the journey, you can pack organic treats like NuLeaf Naturals at or chamomile or lavender-infused bones. CBD is a pain reliever that works on your pets as well. A few tasty CBD treats like CBD oil, balm, and gummies might help your pet with skin and pain management on the trip.

A pro tip – before you buy anything, verify its authenticity with the vet.


2. Pets Comfort Crate

Dogs are den animals. So probably, their first cousins might be coyotes, foxes, and wolves. You might be wondering why we are pinning it here? Honestly, it is relevant if you have to leave your RV, move out, and let your pet be inside on their own. But, to make this work, you will have to invest in a comfortable dog crate. Spread the coziest rug beneath the crate, put on some dog activity show on the TV, and you can be out as long as you want because your pup is super comfortable! Yes, that’s right, a crate = den for the dogs.


3. A Cushiony Pet Bed

Like we love our bed, so do our pets. A crate is a good idea when you have to leave your dog behind in the vehicle. But what about the nighttime? To make your dog’s good night’s sleep comfortable, accommodate the RV with a cozy dog bed. Also, add some cushions for extra comfort and leave quality linen for your pet overnight.


4. Pets Comfort Coats

Regardless of the year, your furry friend needs protection from the outdoor weather. While some fancy dog outfits look chic, they don’t offer comfort. Instead, go for buying comfy dog coats. They cover your pet from head to toe, make them pleased, and protect them from outdoor troubles. Also, a few pets are more comfortable wearing chest harnesses while going on a walk. So, keep your RV stocked up with all your dog’s favorite gear in one place!


5. A Pop-up Pet Pen

At first, adding a pet pen to your RV might not sound like the wisest idea. However, it’s pretty relaxing for you and your pets when you think it through. While RVing, you might stop somewhere to set up your camp. When you are back and forth in your vehicle, your dog might find an escape. Also, you might not always find a tree nearby or a proper spot to tie your pet. In such a scenario, a pop-up pen allows your dog to rest comfortably without hindering you in your setup.


6. Create a Dedicated Pet Area in Your RV

We understand your RV isn’t some premium mansion that would have miles of sprawling space free to utilize. Nevertheless, you should still create a dedicated space for your pet inside your RV. You can choose any spot beneath the dinette or behind the sofa to allow your pet space to relax. Additionally, the steep steps near your dog’s area of your RV might cause your pet to fall while getting in or out of the vehicle. So, it is better to feature a collapsable ramp near your dog’s space to ensure his utmost comfort and safety.


7. A First Aid Kit

The last thing on the list is associated more with safety and less with comfort. But, it is a must add-on to your RV when traveling with a pet. A first aid kit can help your dog in a time of any accident or injury. You cannot predict any mishaps in advance. However, you can be ready to face them for sure. Add a first aid kit to your RV with all the essential vet-prescribed medications for your dog. It should contain everything for fighting pet allergies, bug bites, or fever.


The Bottom Line About Pets Comfort

Much like you, your pet’s comfort is equally important. When you decide to kickstart an RV trip, ensure you have every gear on it to comfort your pet. Being a pet parent, it becomes your responsibility to create a comfortable environment for your dog or cat to enjoy the trip with you. If it were for your children, wouldn’t you do the same? So, make sure that you cover all bases when preparing for an RV trip with your pet.


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