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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz: Cannabis or marijuana, whichever way one calls it, is native to Central and South Asia and is a psychoactive substance extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant. The component responsible for the psychoactive property of cannabis is THC. It is one of the 483 known compounds of the plant. People worldwide believe cannabis to have medicinal benefits. Medical marijuana studies how the marijuana plant and its chemicals may help treat different diseases.

But there are several other uses of cannabis. For example, people use marijuana for several recreational purposes like enjoying the euphoric feeling, altering one’s state of mind, feeling relaxed, and becoming more sociable. There are various strains of cannabis. Among them, one such train is Indica. The obama runtz is a product of the Indica strain, becoming very popular in the modern age. Disclaimer: It has nothing to do with President Obama!


What Is Obama Runtz?

Considered a hybrid combination of Afghani, Runtz, and Obama Kush, Obama runtz is a product of the Indica strain of cannabis. It is roughly 70% Indica. There is not much information available about it on the internet. But reports say it flowers 49-63 days indoors and outdoor by early October. These seeds are feminized cannabis seeds. Like any other cannabis product, Obama runtz hits the user first with a euphoric feeling. It feels so because it contains roughly 18% THC. Over time most people start getting more social and talkative under its influence. Reports also say the product helps the user with lousy sleep and depression. We will shed light on the potential benefits as we dig deeper into the blog.


A Brief Summary of Feminized Seeds

People believe female cannabis plants grow buds that yield cannabis rich in THC. So in the 1990s, the creation of female cannabis seeds or feminized cannabis seeds revolutionized the cannabis industry. Researchers made the seed by genetic engineering. These seeds only yield female plants. It was a revolution because it made cannabis cultivation more effortless and economical. It made cultivation easier because earlier cultivators discarded male plants, and with the advent of the new seeds, male plants were not on the list of options. In addition, feminized seeds made the industry more economical because high-potent cannabis has always been in demand. These seeds became a boon for the cultivators because they could serve the needs of many people.


What Are The Five Potential Benefits Of Obama Runtz Strain?

People around the world believe cannabis as a substance does wonders. Obama runtz, being a product of the substance, may have some associated benefits. Let us find out what may be the possible health benefits of using Obama runtz.


It might keep the mind relaxed.

Cannabis is famous worldwide for its potential mind-relaxing properties. Obama runtz does the same too. It generates a euphoric feeling in people who use it. Although researchers and doctors are skeptical about its usage, people find great results. According to a study, a lower dose of cannabis can promote feelings of relaxation, but a higher amount may lead to anxiety.


It might help with insomnia.

It is a health disorder in which a person fails to sleep entirely or adequately due to many factors, including stress, depression, and work pressure. Obama runtz is known to promote deep sleep after a period of great talkativeness. As it helps boost the relaxation of the mind, it leads to calmness and busting of stress. A relaxed mind is a home to a night of good sleep. Thus this strain may help with stress-induced sleep conditions like insomnia.


It might make one more social.

Introverts don’t talk to others much and keep their lives private. There is no harm in that because different people have different natures. Introverted people may become more talkative and socially active after consuming the Obama runtz. It relaxes and lets one forget anything that pulls one down from talking. But there are instances too when extroverts become more talkative, and introverts become shy. So there is no definite evidence as of yet that supports this claim.


It is very economical.

Feminized seeds are cost-effective and save much time for the cultivator. They are economical because ‘good quality seeds yield good quality plants and buds,’ and good quality buds are always in high demand. In addition, feminized seeds only yield female plants, so the hassle of removing male plants saves. Cultivators discard male plants to stop the process of pollination because it would stop the resin formation and start producing seeds. Also, no one would like to smoke a bud with ‘seeds.’ Cultivators use feminized seeds to create Obama runtz, thus making cultivating more hassle-free.


They come from good-quality plants. (Obama Runtz)

Feminized seeds yield good quality plants that produce a high amount of THC and other cannabinoids. They also offer diverse cannabinoids. The buds from these seeds have a pleasant flavor and aroma. They also lead to better mental satisfaction for the person consuming the product because of the high quantity of THC. These are why many cannabis users worldwide prefer buds produced from feminized seeds. Obama runtz is of good quality because it is a product of the feminized seeds.


Is It Legal?

Cannabis is notoriously famous for its intoxication and the side effects associated with it. Thus, Obama runtz is a prohibited substance in Australia and falls in the S9 category. However, people in Canada may use it as a recreational product. In the United Kingdom, it is a Class B drug. In the US, it falls in the Schedule 1 drugs category. The category deals with opioids, opium derivatives, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants, and cannabimimetic agents. In different states of the USA, few states have allowed Obama runtz for medical use, few allow recreational use, and in most states, it is illegal. Therefore, one must check the local and state laws before buying the product.



There is ongoing research on cannabis and Obama runtz for finding out whether or not it has medical benefits. The problem is the number of side effects. Obama runtz has three common side effects – alleviating anxiety, making the consumer lose appetite, and insomnia. Cannabis ingestion leads to oral problems, vaping cannabis leads to breathing problems, and one can check the statistical data.


Takeaway (Obama Runtz)

Obama runtz is a new trend among cannabis and medicated CBD consumers. The blend of different products in one product has become a great hit among the stoners. Various cannabis review websites are speaking highly of Obama runtz. But being a cannabis derivative, it may have the same side effects as regular cannabis would have. The cannabis strain “Indica” is known to provide a more intoxicating feeling than other strains, and the product is a derivative of the same strain. Thus we would advise one to use it at one’s own risk and only use it if one feels the need. So it is best to seek the same advice from your medical expert.

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